Learn Advanced Self Defence with Kids Wing Chun Academy

Kids Wing Chun Academy brings it's highly experienced BCCMA Certified Black Belt instructors to teach Kung Fu self defence excellence at Harris Academy Purley.

Committed to Quality

Highest quality Wing Chun Kung Fu taught

Classes for children aged 5+, teenagers, and parents

Real world self defence training

Private 1-2-1 training available

BCCMA Certified Instructors

Complete Yip Man Wing Chun System

Advanced grading system

High instructor ratio & capped class sizes

Enhanced DBS Checked

Full Public Liability Insurance

Why Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese Martial Art designed for close range combat. Students train faster than the eye can see techniques through sensitivity training unique to Wing Chun. There's never a best time to start other than before you need it!

About Our Classes

Kids Wing Chun Academy teaches children traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu via a tried and tested syllabus. Our non-aggressive martial arts training imparts the spirit and ethos of Kung Fu through the most effective & advanced self defence possible.

Build Your Confidence

Build confidence and release the fear of an attacker by learning how to successfully deal with any situation. Without the ability and skill to disperse your attacker the encounter is always one sided. Shift the balance in your favour!

Classes For All Ages and Levels

Our classes at Harris Academy Purley are specifically designed to teach the most effective techniques from the Wing Chun Kung Fu system suitable for each age group taught. Our BCCMA Certified Black Belt instructors have extensive experience teaching how to deal with street threats, use defensive strategies, and resolve them effectively.

Our non-aggressive training allows children, teenagers, and adults of all ages and fitness levels to increase their confidence, perseverance, self-esteem, and focus, to create a more rounded individual. All these elements help to create what we like to call "skills for life".

5 - 8 Year Olds

Children can start training from 5 years old learning foundational techniques in classes designed to help them understand and learn in the right environment to build confidence and skill.

9 - 11 Yr Olds

Whether starting as a Junior, or transitioning from a Mini, students learn foundational techniques through repetition and drills. Skills learned help transition through Key Stage 3+.


Training students for their teen years through to adulthood. Key challenges are faced during this life stage and learning the right skills both physically and emotionally are the focus.

Meet The Instructors

for Harris Academy Purley

Master Jude Hudson

- Founder and Chief Instructor

- Master Level

- Certified Chinese Martial Arts Coach

The son of a boxer, Sifu Jude learned the importance of self defence as a youngster defending himself through the 1970s. He started formal martial arts training in Karate in 1979 before moving onto Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, and Wing Tsun from 1993 onwards. He trained his son to 1st Degree adult black belt by age 13, and through to a 4th Degree adult black belt (4th Technician). Sifu Jude Holds Master Level and has a passion for teaching children as well as adults, and mentoring others to attain the knowledge and skills to keep them safe.

Sifu Nathan Hudson

- Chief Instructor

- 4th Technician (4th Degree Black Belt)

- Certified Chinese Martial Arts Coach

Sifu Nathan started training Wing Chun at 5 yrs old holding black belts at all levels. He attained his first adult black belt (1st Technician) at age 13, and started instructing at 10 years old. Nathan attained Sifu status at 19 and is more committed than ever as he trains towards his Master Level.

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Our Public Class Locations

Kids Wing Chun Academy
- Purley/South Croydon

Location: Harris Academy Purley
Address: Kendra Hall Road, CR2 6DT
Date/Time: Saturday 9.30am - 10.30am
Beginners class: 10.30am

Venue Details
Fully air-conditioned studio, ample secure, free parking

Kids Wing Chun Academy
- Epsom/Banstead

Location: Nescot College
Address: Reigate Road, Epsom, KT17 3DS
Day/Time: Tuesday 6pm - 7pm
Beginners class: 6pm

Venue Details
Fully air-conditioned studio, ample secure, free parking

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